Friday, November 14, 2008

Halloween Festivites '08



BackWe had so many fun Halloween parties: a big school one, kids classroom parties, a primary Harvest costume party, a playdate lunch party and of course the ward trunk or treat. Luckily, they were mostly spread out through the week. I love seeing the kids all dressed up.


This is Logans teacher this year and she was Katelyn's teacher last year. She is so WONDERFUL!! Katelyn and her teacher at her class party
Logans class watching Charlie Browns: The Great Pumpkin

I have to mention that this witch costume my mom made for my Halloween 21 years ago. It was so fun to have Katelyn wear something that was mine that her grandma made. And isn't she so cute!!

Logan and Ethan both wanted to be Indiana Jones and they both look so great! Poor Tyson had to miss all the fun on Halloween day. He had a fever and was a pretty miserable little guy for 4 days. Even though he is only 2 1/2, he totally knew what he was missing out on. When Justin, Katelyn and Logan left for our ward trunk or treat and dinner, Tyson just bawled. But he helped me hand out candy(we did keep him distant from our trick or treaters though) and Katelyn was a wonderful big sister and brought him home some candy.

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!

The Pumpkin Patch

It hasn't been until the last few years (probably since motherhood) that I have actually really started to love the fall. September and October have always just been a reminder that winter is quickly approaching, which means: high utility bills, extra time bundling up kids, icy dangerous roads and cold, dark days. Don't get me wrong, I love just about everything to do with the holiday season and drinking lots of hot cocoa but the rest is awful to me. However, although I still dread the winter, I love the fall now. I love the leaves, pumpkin patch adventures, carving/painting pumpkins, funs costumes, parties, etc. This fall has definitely been eventful and busy. With 2 failed attempts to go to the pumpkin patch (we got a nice snow storm for our 1st attempt and I was pretty sick the 2nd attempt) but 3rd time was a charm. There is so much to do: bouncy castle and slide, cow train, corn maze, petting zoo, pumpkin picking and of course yummy food!! We had a great time, with the exception of Tyson constantly taking off in seconds flat, heading back to the cow train.

The cow train


The petting zoo had a camal and zebra and many other cool animals, which we had fun feeding but I worried about getting spit on by the camal.

This crazy bird was as tall as Katelyn and he kept pecking his head through the fence at people and it obviously took Katelyn by surprise!!

After Tyson pouted like this for 15 minutes, we finally had to give him what he wanted...

How can you beat that smile??

What a goofball Tyson can be!

My sister in law Nancy was in town overnight in last month and that Saturday was so nice we headed to a downtown park. We had so much fun, especially playing in the leaves since we don't have any trees in our little yard big enough to have enough leaves to play in.

Happy Harvest!!