Friday, March 6, 2009

Wow it's been awhile. Well, we were out our computer for almost 2 weeks while away getting fixed, then we were in Spokane, got sick while we were gone and for the first few days after we got home, then had all the catch up to do from being away, sick kids, and all the other crazy things we are constanly doing, and so that's my excuse!! So I'm fore-warning, there are a lot of pictures from our little trip and this was posted at 2:30am so sorry for any typo's- I am tired!!

We went to this museum in Yakima, WA with my mom and sister Sarah and it had this fun kids play room. There was a train car, old school room, little store/kitchen, etc. My sister and I had as much fun playing as Katelyn and Tyson did (Logan was geocaching with Justin).

That evening, my dad, who is a currently a bus driver, took Logan and Tyson to see his bus. Tyson had so much fun pulling the airhorn and was excited to get on a bus (since Logan get to ride the bus to school and he doesn't).

My sister Karoline leaving for the school dance...

So we were at my parents for 2 days then headed to Spokane. A few things we did while in Spokane: had a playdate with some of my wonderful friends and their kiddos and then went by the YMCA (where I used to work) and said hi to some friends. We had dinner with Justin's bestfriend Matt and his wife Megan who were so wonderful to let us stay with them for 2 nights, again. Katelyn and Logan had a sleepover with their cousins Taylor and Gavin and then we had a birthday dinner with Justin's family and got to see our new twin niece and nephew, who are so cute. Finally, we headed out to Cheney, where I grew up, and had dinner with my brothers family and my grandparents and then stayed the last night there before heading home. Unfortunately I was sick for 4 of the 5 1/2 days we were gone, so besides feeling miserable, we had a good time and loved seeing everyone!!

Our little ninjas. Katelyn with Heathers twins (Ava & Connor).

The kids with their Grandma & Grandpa Great (my poor grandma had just had knee surgery that week.
Katelyn with her cousins Kiersten and John, being computer nerds!!!