Monday, October 20, 2008

1st Day of School

I know, I am a slacker mom. I just remembered that I never posted the kids 1st day of school pictures. Katelyn is in 1st grade now and Logan is in afternoon kindergarten. Logan has Katelyn's teacher from last year and we just love her. I was a bit nervous about sending Logan to school this year. He just turned 5 the end of July and school here in Boise starts the end of Aug. So far he is doing good but I have a feeling I am going to want to have him repeat kindergarten. I'd rather him be the older in the class than the youngest and I'd rather him do kindergarten twice than possibly struggle in a couple years.
Cute Katelyn waiting outside her classroom door.

Logan on the playground while he waits to line up for school.

I was shocked that the boy 2 down from Logan is in kindergarten. He is 6 now and a foof taller than Logan is.

This is Logans 2nd day of school but we drove him on the 1st day. This is of him before leaving to get on the afternoon kindergarten bus. (We live a 1/2 mile from the school which is a walking district but they don't want the afternoon kindergarteners walking alone so they bus them to school. Then we either walk to pick both kids up or on colder days and winter, we drive. Luckily I have a friend to carpool with and it works out great.) The bus picks him up just a house down from us where there is another little boy in Logans class.
What a big kid?! It was crazy enough to know I was old enough to have 1 kiddo in school but now 2. Where does time go??

This last picture I had to post. Tyson looks so silly. He wanted to get on the bus SO bad. I think he cried the first 2 or 3 days when Logan got on the bus and I had to stop hikm from running out in the street to get on the bus. He also put this backpack on for the first 2 weeks of walking Logan out to the bus and still does occassionally. Unfortunately for him, he still has 3 years until his turn, poor kid.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Belated Birthday Post for Katelyn

On Sept. 10th Katelyn had her 7th birthday. My Grandpa and Grandma Osterberg were in town for a short visit and with a fun party, it was a great day!! Though, we did have a little incident where Tyson was playing with a Hannah Montana microphone and put the handle end in his mouth, fell and jam it into the back of his mouth. I know I can't control all that happens to them but I sure did feel like a bad mom. The poor kid was in pain and it was gross. Back to Katelyn, she chose to have a Hannah Montana party and we ended up having 14 kids here and it was crazy. Luckily the 2 neighbor girls across the street and the 2 girls their mom babysits had to to leave early. That was a bit more manageable. After the party, Katelyn picked Carls Jr. for dinner (they have a great play area).

After dinner, we saw an Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile and stopped for pictures.


I will start out by saying that I have missed the blogging world so I welcome myself back. Three month since my last post. That's pathetic but life doesn't seem to slow down!! Ok so a 20% chance of snow turned into a 100%. Friday evening it went from a little rain drizzle to wet snow that melted as soon as it hit the ground and then we ended up with huge flakes that covered every surface. I will also mention that just a week before the snow, we had a day that hit 90 degrees and the rest of the week was in the 80's. I am so mad!! I am not ready for the cold weather and especially snow!! The kids had soccer Saturday morning and when Katelyn's game started at 9am, the temperature was 32 degrees but according to the news, with the wind, it felt like 21. It was SO cold. They had to wear there winter coat under there uniforms. Luckily, by noon when Logan played, the snow had melted and the temperature had raised to 44 but it was still stinkin cold with the wind. Katelyn scored with this kick (bottom picture)!!! Justin's mom came to visit from Saturday morning to Sunday morning. We had planned on going to the pumpkin patch but with the cold weather we changed plans. She had to use a plane ticket before it expired so even though it was a very quick trip it was so nice to have her for a day. Well, it looks like our temperatures are suppose to be in the low 60's this week. As long as there is no snow, I can handle that!!