Thursday, August 27, 2009

May: Soccer and Mother's Day

I know, 4 months, pathetic!! But I have tons to post from May to current, so there will be more coming... I have to say I am ready for kids to be back and school and back to a regular schedule and with Tyson in preschool, I just may have time to be a regular, or a more regular blogger!!

Another busy April and May filled with soccer for Katelyn and ME!! I played on occasion with an indoor co-ed team that Justin played on with a bunch of couples in our ward (for the last year). Justin had to take a couple sessions off due to pulled muscles but I decided to play a session with a bunch of friends on an all girls indoor team. It was great exercise and even though I got sick to my stomach before every game, I had so much fun!! Of course we had to take goofy team photos!! Oh and we were the HOT MAMAS so the back of our shirts said HOT!

(I'll have to repost these small ones when I have the reg. photo emailed to me, I just copied them from a friends blog and they are hard to see)

We had 2 friends move (Brianne, I am still mad at you for leaving me) and a couple others are prego but with a few new comers, we hope to have a team for this fall!!

Katelyn's Soccer

Getting ready to do some fancy foot work... Katelyn had the ball at about 3/4ths of the field back and booted the ball over all the girls heads, it landed and rolled right into the goal!! I wish we got it on tape. It was great!!

Mother's Day

Justin got me these pretty roses (I love the vase) but I ended up killing them as I do with all plants. I think Tyson was sleeping and missed this picture.
The kids helped Justin make me my favorite breakfast, french toast.

Then for dessert, we had my favorite, WATERMElON!! They made me hearts "for Mother's Day"!! Even Justin made me one but he told me not to waste the space on his, lol.
Justin trying on his new day pack and filling it to it's maximum weight limit. It was a great day other than the boys wrestling, me telling them to stop since it was Sunday, and as always, both got hurt and both ended up with bloody noses within a few minutes of eachother.