Monday, May 4, 2009

A Lot of Catching Up!!!

It has been a crazy couple of months!!!
In March, we headed to my parents to welcome my sister Karen home from her mission. That weekend, my mom, my sisters and I drove to Portland and attended the WICKED play. It was SO good and we had so much fun. I am going to make Justin go with me one of these days (which he is already dreading but I know he'll end up liking it). Then we brought my sister home with us, to put her to work at the store for a crazy Spring Break. Karen still lives with us (possibly until school this fall) and is working at the store and in 2 weeks when we head off to Orlando for our Platos Closet Conference, she will be a little nanny for our kiddos.
We had a fun St. Patricks Day and thought we'd share some cute pictures.

Green Eggs and Ham (and Tyson pouting in the background- a typical thing in our house)

This kid loves pirates... HAPPY 3RD B-DAY TYSON (was April 10th)!!!

This pirate cake was really fun to make!!
Ready to blow out the candle!!
(He wanted an umbrella so bad- thanks Bernard Family)
Justin came up with this really cute scavenger hunt. Each time they found a clue, there was a treasure with it (sword, necklace, eye patch, etc.) and then the final clue led to the treasure chest filled with candy. Justin hid the chest up on the high ledge and once the kids figured it out, he let Tyson go up to get it. He was so excited!!!

They found the loot!!

Ok so I am embarrassed to say this but Tyson had a binky until the day he turned 3. He mostly had it at nap and bedtime and times when he got hurt or just need the "comfort" of it. Ok so I needed him to have it sometimes. But we had been telling him a for 3 motnhs before his birthday that when he was 3 he wouldn't need a binky cause he was a big boy. So being into pirates, Justin got the idea to let Tyson sink his binkies like pirates sink things. He found an anchor thing and tied Tyson's binkies to it then before his party, Justin took the kids to the canal and Tyson sunk his binkies. He had a few crying episodes over that next week but did surprisingly well for having had a binky for 3 years. Now that he is potty trained, binky-free and in preschool (he is in a great preschool program through the elementary school where he also gets speech help), my baby is not a baby anymore. However, that does not mean that I am ready for another/final baby quite yet.

Easter Morning

A qiuck family photo

Pretty cute kiddos huh?!?!
In their pj's from the Easter Bunny

Well I am sure you've seen enough pictures to kill a camel. With the craziness of moving, cleaning and unpacking, I am a bit exhausted so in a few more days I'll post cakes contest and field trip pictures, etc. All the fun stuff had to be put on the back burner so I am excited now that life is settling down a bit, to be able to hop on everyones blogs and see what you all are up to.