Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Children Are Too Honest Sometimes

So as many of you know, I am on another weightloss venture. Two years ago, to the month, I also started hardcore workouts and Weight Watchers and lost 34 lbs. in about 3 months. So after another child, a drop in workouts, due to our move and the crazy schedule that has come with it, I am about 25 lbs heavier than I want to be. I started almost 2 weeks ago, doing my workouts and counting Weight Watcher points. I have lost almost 6 lbs. and feeling happy with that but of course not anywhere near satisfied with my body. So here comes the far too honest part...The other night I had gotten done working out and showering, when Logan walks into my room as I am gettimg dressed. He stops and looks at me with a puzzled face and asks, "Someday is dad going to get fat (than hesitates for a second)... like you're kinda fat?" I had to laugh and call and tell Justin. Although, I didn't take it too personal, sometimes my children are a little too honest.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

We Are Hoping For A Safer New years!

So we ended up having a few unexpected injuries or incidents happen in the last 3 months but we are all alive and well. It all started in October when Justin had to get 6 stiches in his foot from an eliptical injury (but not from when he was working out on it). I won't mention which one of our children stepped on the pedal, not knowing his feet were on the floor by it, and it came down, hit his foot which knocked it off it's track and sliced into his foot. Sorry for the gruesome picture but most of you have given birth and I thought you could probably handle it. It was very painful for quite awhile but was in the best place it could have been on his foot and was able to keep up at the store, but with some limping. Thankfully, he's just fine now though!!

November was my lovely car accident in Spokane, which could have been MUCH worse. I was just left with a sore neck and bad headache and Tyson was just fine.

December brought both boys ear infections. Logan was put on amoxicilan and after using it for a full week, broke out into a rash. I took him back in and they said he had a "non allergic reaction" since it happened after a week. They had me stop the last 3 days and put him on something new, including benedryl, which he lived on for a week. This top picture was within a few hours of the rash starting. The bottom picture was the next morning.

This is how bad it got all over his entire body. His ears, hands and feet were so swollen and red. I had to drowned the poor boy in calimine lotion. He was so itchy and sore that he didn't sleep well and felt miserable. It was really bad for 3 days but lasted about a week total. I will be a bit hesitant when a doctor mentions amoxicilan for him in the future, although they said he should be fine trying it again someday.

Katelyn's last day of the year accident...On New Years Eve, we had to stop by the store so Justin could print out some end of the year reports, which should have taken like 20 minutes. Well the kids started running around and I kept telling them to stop, settle down, and we'd be on our way soon. They were anxious to get to our friends, the Bernards, where we were going to spend the evening for some New Years Eve celebrations. But of course my wild kids didn't obey and Katelyn tripped on the tile and fell, hitting a metal rack. It split her eye brow open quit deep. After a couple hours in the ER, and Katelyn being so brave, she luckily only needed 2 stiches. I hope she learned her lesson about running and messing around in our store. Despite the extra stop, we did end up enjoying the rest of our New Years Eve!

So our family has had a few bad things happen to us this last year but I am totally aware that all our situations could have been much worse. But for the fact that they weren't, we were greatly blessed and thankful.

Another Christmas Come And Gone

The pictures are in no particular order. Just some that I thought were cute and showed how we spent some of our Christmas season. We hope your Christmas was great and have a wonderful New Year 2008!!
Tyson got this from us and loved it everytime he saw it at the store. I was excited for him to open it and he was too when he saw it. Too bad a week later, he could care less. But it sings 3 songs and is pretty fun.
If all the sugar they have had over the last month wasn't enough, but I gave into getting "vanilla snow cotton candy" and Katelyn and Logan had fun acting as Santa.

Christmas Eve, after stuffing ourselves with Chinese take-out (a new tradition we are starting when we celebrate Christmas alone), acting out the nativity and opening a few gifts, and just before bed so Santa could come!!

All I can say is that my kids love to get their pictures taken (most of the time). This is Christmas morning, after they spent nearly an hour in the bath. santa brought each of them a new bath toy.

We acted out the nativity and although I had to take pitures, I was the donkey Mary rode on and then I was the angel.

We were so glad the store was closed and Justin got to be home with us for Christmas Day!! This was our 1st Christmas with out all our family. With the store only being open a couple months now, Justin had to be here to open the day after Christmas, so we couldn't leave the area. It was sad but we still had a great Christmas!!

I love this picture of Tyson. He is just so happy! He loves to pose for the camera.

The kids at our ward Christmas Party! I love that Tyson is not afraid of santa. We saw Santa at 3 or 4 different places and he always tried to cut in line to get to Santa.

We used this picture on our Christmas cards and these were their outfits for Christmas Sunday. I think Logan especially, looks so handsome.