Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Am So Boring, Busy, But Boring

Ok, so I know I haven't posted for a while, and it is not because I am still recovering from my accident, because I am totally fine (at least I am until we get a bill -although our insurance should cover it all, I hope). I have been doing plenty of things to share, I just don't know how to load/post pictures yet, and blogs are so much more fun with pictures. As I had to wait to start our blog, for Justin to have time to help me, I also have to wait for him to have time to teach me how to do the whole picture thing (he's the one that posted the other pictures for me). So hopefully I'll get something more exciting posted soon. In the meantime, I am just enjoying visiting everybody elses blogs. Thanks for all the wonderful crafts, ideas, and stories that people share.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My First Car Accident

So I can't actually believe that I am writing about this subject because I still can't believe it actually happened. I was in Spokane for a night, a full day on Friday the 16th and flew out the next morning. My friend Arah's baby passed away and I went back for the memorial service of Olivia Kamille Kunz. Although a very quick trip, I was happy to go, not for the circumstance but glad to be there to support Arah and Matt and to see some great friends and some family. I guess the shock of an accident isn't what's so shocking to me but the crazy things surrounding it. After the service, I went to one sister-in-laws house and then was on my way to anothers, in my rental car (for which I didn't purchase the insurance on-Justin always says it's a rip off and our own insurane covers rentals). I was on Mission and stopped at a red light and was waiting to turn right onto Ruby. The light had just turned green and I was taking my foot off the gas when all of a sudden the car coming up behind me slams into me and forces my car into the car infront of me. My intial thoughts were: oh my gosh, a car just hit me, I didn't purchase the rental insurance, what if my car blows up, I have to get Tyson out, and oh my gosh, does my head hurt. I didn't hit the steering wheel and my air bags didn't deploy (the guy who hit me, his bags did deploy and his windshield was smashed somehow) but the slamming into my car jolted my upper body pretty hard. So the guy comes up and asks if I am okay, kneels down by my door and says "this sucks but my license is suspended". Are you kidding me!!! I am just bawling at this point, my head and neck hurt, I am worried about Tyson, I didn't get the rental insurance, this idiot's license is suspended which means his insurance is void!!! I called Justin in hysterics and explain the situation. The guy doesn't want to go to jail so he is trying to convince me not to call the police and wants to make a run. Justin calls the Sports Outlet, where he used to work and knows all the guys, which happens to be just down the road. Two of his wonderful ex-co-workers come to my rescue. They occupied the guy while I called the police and they played with Tyson and kept him entertained. I have to mention that this guy "Shawn" who hit me was using the F word everyother word and saying that by calling the police it would ruin his life, he has a 5 month old, his wife would kill him and he'd go to jail, etc. So what, by not calling the police, he wants me to leave my 3 kids and husband and go to jail, no thanks!!!! So, the police arrive and they ask Shawn to sit in his car while I and the gal my car hit (which luckily was almost no damage to her car) gave all our info. At this point, Justin had called his 3 wonderful sisters, who none were too far away, and all started showing up. While the police were filling out the reports, we see a tow truck pull up. A second cop car arrives and ARREST the guy and they tow his car. I am so lucky that he totally admitted fault but it is still horrible that he has no insurance because his license is suspended. So I know this blog is long enough but I have to say that Tyson and I are blessed that we had no injuries. My headache finally left late Sunday night, I am thankful that the Sports Outet was so close and the guys were willing to help me, that my sisters in laws were so sweet to arrive at the scene to check on me (which was great to see them all in one stop), and that the police thanked me for calling regardless to his angry pleads because they said he has a bad record and they told the guys from the Outlet that he had warrants out for his arrest anyways. I feel sorry for his baby and wife but he made a decision to drive with out a license. I am just blessed that the outcome wasn't any worse.

Oh, I would have attached pictures but I din't even get to take any (not that the damages were massive or anything but come on, my 1st accident) but all my 3 sets of batteries were dead, so I din't get to take any pictures the entire weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Am Finally a Blogger

Well, after finding out about blogs from my friend Arah's blog, the begining of October, I became hooked to viewing so many friends blogs. It is the best way to know what is going on in friends and families lives, no matter where you are. I wanted to create one right away but I needed a bit of help from Justin and with opening the store, he just hasn't had much free time to sit down and help me. But I wanted to be able to stay in contact with everyone. Having moved to Boise the last week of July, I was forced to start emailing, which is so impressive to many (or anyone who knows I never spent time on the computer) but now I am also a blogger. You can share stories, pictures, and so much more! It's wonderful!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trick or Treat...

Mmmm...pumpkin guts!

I know Halloween has come and gone but since I just started my blog, I wanted to share a couple cute Halloween pictures. A family we have gotten to know 3 doors down, ivited us and a few other neighbors over for pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, chili, and withces brew. We had alot of fun but Tyson had the most fun. He seemed to have enjoyed tasting the pumpkin guts and during apple bobbing, he took a bite out of almost every apple. After taking the bite, he'd hold it above his head and slam it into the big bucket of water, completely soaking himself everytime. And then laugh histerically at himself. Another little girl joined in. I tried to put a stop to it. It was 5ish and getting a bit chilly and concerned about all the apples he was biting. Everyone told me it was fine and to let him do it. Finally, he started turning purple in the face and shivering so Justin brought him home and put him in a nice warm bath. I ended up being sent home with 28 apples with 1 bite out of each. I made apple crisp the next night for FHE!! Halloween was great. I volunteered in Katelyn's class and then came home to start dinner. Justin was able to close the store at 5pm (none of the girls wanted to work and I wanted him to go with us, so it worked great! I was a bit worried about taking all 3 kids by myself). The kids loked so cute and everyone asked if I made Tyson's pirate costume. Oh if I could only sew a tenth that good. All credit had to be given to Old Navy. We hit a few houses in the neighborhood before heading to the trunk or treat. It was a happy day indeed.