Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This Post Has Pictures!

There is a grocery store just down the street from our subdivision that I run to occassionally (Walmart is where we usually go but it is 10 mins. away and I almost always have at least 2-3 of my children and it's so stinkin busy!!!!!) Anyways, I run there if I only need a couple things or I only have a short time to get there and back. But they have these cute carts for the kids to use. They love them but when we are done, I want to rip my hair out. It is impossible. Tyson has to have one too, and 3 carts going in a million directions, running into my ankles, etc. But they sure look cute with them.

We want to get a trampoline and a playset but we dont want to have to move it this fall/winter or whenever we move to our own house so we found this fun airplane at Costco for the kids. The problem is, they want to be out on it all the time!!!! It is windy here and they can deal with the cold better than me. I would just let them out as long as they want but our fence is a privacy fence (not completely enclosed) and Tyson can disappear in seconds. But they sure do have fun on it and love being outside.

I know the Super Bowl was over a month ago but here's a few cute pictures:

The Long Awaited Post

I know it has been FOREVER since I posted last but in my behalf, I have heard many people say that a blog is like journal keeping, which I NEVER have been good at. Therefore, I no expectations of being good at blogs either, hahaha!!! We are just busy in our busy but non-exciting lives.

News Going on in Our Lives: Justin trained a 2nd employees to close (we have a member gal who closes 2 nights a week and a Sat. once or twice a month but is a fulltime BSU student and can only handle so many hours) and so it was great cause this 2nd gal wanted to work nights and Saturdays, which is hard to find. So after having so much hope of seeing Justin alot more, we were very upset to hear that she was completeingly being dishonest after only her 2nd night in charge. After reviewing our cameras and being filled in by other uncomfortable employees, her and another gal were fired. So, I guess we should be content having him home the 2 nights a week for now. It is nice to still work with him most Thursdays (10-3:15) though.

Happier and Braggy News: They do this testing with the kindergarteners on their letters, sounds and segmenting words and Katelyn scored the highest in her class. They will do the same testing in May and when they sent home their scores, they included scores of where they hope all the children will be then. Well Katelyn's scores were almost double what they expect for the spring!! She is doing so good in school and loves it! When she is mad at me she says "I wish I were at school right now so I didn't have to see you cause I love it and my teacher is nicer than you!" If she were as sweet as she is smart? Just kidding, I love her to pieces.

One More Thing: This will be rather boring to the reader but to me this was big. When we moved here the end of July, we found out that we had 90 days to take the Idaho written test to get new licenses. As most of you may know, I stress over EVERYTHING. Well, after 7 1/2 months of stressing, I finally took the stupid test. Justin took it the day before me to give me a heads up (how many questions, how many can I miss w/out failing, where do I go, etc). I was just so worried that if I didn't pass on my 1st try, they would keep my WA license since I was past 90 days. Well, as it turns out, once again, I worried for nothing, got a 40/40 and have my official Idaho drivers license and my picture is even GOOD!!!!! Oh and Justin passed too!