Friday, May 9, 2008

Quick Trip to Utah

As normal, I am posting this a month late but why would I shock everyone and change now. My parents and little sisters came to visit for a few days over their spring break and during that time, we went to Utah for 2 days. My sister Karen is seving a mission at the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission and just loving it. She got permission to meet us and give us a tour of Temple Square, the Beehive Home, and go to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It has been 8 years since I have been there, and more like 15 years for my parents. I just love the spirit that you can feel there and knowing that apostles and disciples of Christ dwell all around you, thinking of the work the early saint put into building such an amazing Temple, and feeling so blessed to have the knowledge that we do! My sister Karen is the missionary with her hand on Logan (for those of you who don't know her). It was funny, so many other sister missionaries would see us and freak out about how much her and I look alike (although I have a good 20 lbs on her and at least 3 inches shorter-in this picture, I happen to have tall shoes on and hers are flats, so our height looks closer).Justin and I personally think this picture of our kids all looking at Christ, is so cute! We listened to the audio thing you listen to while in this rooom and then my sister and her companion both bore their testimonies.This was the morning we were leaving and saying our goodbyes which was happy and sad at the same time. We left SLC and ran to Provo to the BYU campus, so my sister Sarah, who graduates next year, could see it and then we found the Provo Plato's Closet that our co-owners brother owns. We did a little shopping, ate lunch, and got back to Boise about 9:30 pm. My family left the next day and I had to work at the store, come home to clean house, go to Girls Nite, and then the next morning Justins dad and brother Michael flew in for 4 days. It was a busy 10 days but overall, very fun and wonderful to be with our family. This last picture is just for fun: Mike and the kids wearing a little BLING BLING on their teeth??!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Better Late Than Never: Easter Pictures

We had another holiday with just our little family but it was a nice Easter. Tyson beat the other kids awake and then Katelyn and Logan got to their baskets before I could get the camera back out.
The kids had fun coloring eggs and luckily no magor spills!!I love watching the kids hunt eggs and this year the "Easter Bunny" hid a Golden egg for each of them.

Our Little Soccer Star

Katelyn played soccer last spring and loved it but didn't get to play this last fall with the move. So we got her back in it this spring and on the team with her friend Kalee. They are the oldest 2 on the team and biggest on the team. They are all over the field and scoring the most but do a good job of trying to pass to the younger girls. We love watching her play and see how excited she is when she scores (although wins and loses aren't kept track at this age, so of course it is just for fun). At her game last week, she made 3 goals! Her and her friend Kalee

Katelyn's Tooth Extraction

Katelyn's tooth has been loose for a while now and she kept bugging Justin to tie a string to it and the door and YANK it the video below. Listen carefully to Logan's great idea of removing the tooth!

p.s. I was against this idea, but they did it behind my back. I couldn't believe they did it!! I wanted her teeth in as long as possible. I don't like when little kids have their cute, tiny, perfectly straight little teeth, loose them and then need braces because they don't have room for the permenant ones. She has already lost her bottom 2 but they can't be seen when she smiles.