Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to Spokane for a Visit

Right after the kids were out of school the beginning of June, we went back to Spokane for a short visit. Our1st full day there, we met at a McDonalds for a playdate. It was so nice to see everyone. I miss my Girls Nite group so much. They are all such wonderful friends whom I truly miss. It was also nice for the kids to see their little friends. I apologize for all the pictures being a bit blurry. I dont know what was up with my camera.
That Friday the 6th was also Justins birthday. I had planned a surprise BBQ at a park (that I even paid to reserve it) for his 30th birthday. However, the whole time we were in Spokane, it was cold, windy, and rainy, and I needed to find a alternative location. So thank goodness for our good friends, the Stephensons, not only for housing us and feeding us while we were in town but offering her house for the birthday event since it was way to cold and rainy to do it outside. The party did not end up as a surprise but still was wonderful and it was great to have most of our family there.

The next day was Justins little brother Michaels high school graduation but 1st that morning, Katelyn and I attended the local childrens theater, where my niece Kiersten was in the play Anne. She was an orphan. It was so cute!!

Justin picked us up, we grabbed a quick bite to eat before rushing over to the Spokane arena for Michaels graduation.

Justins family waiting for it to start. Grandma Barney with Tyson. Still waiting...
Me and my cute nephew (Heathers son) Braden. And waiting...

Well, then the graduation happened but none of my inside pictures of Michael walking turned out cause it was to dark.

Sunday we went to 2 sacraments, the 12th Ward and Pines Ward, then we enjoyed a fun
evening at Heather and Bretts house, where we had dinner and played games.
Grandma Barney with Tyson and his cousin Braden.We found out during this trip that Braden is going to be the big brother to twins in December. Now we are waiting to find out their sex!!

Our friends, Matt and Megan, who we stayed with, have a son Ryan who is 2 months older than Katelyn. Meg and I were pregnant together so they have known eachother since birth but have only seen eachother a few times in the last couple years due to several moves. But they hit it off right away and became inseperable. They were almost immediately holding hands, hugging, say "I love you", etc. It was cute but we sure had to keep an eye on them. We'll be staying with them again next month when we go back to Spokane for my sisters wedding (in Cheney) so we'll see if they take over where they left off?????

Sorry for so many pictures. I could have done 10 times as many but it takes so long, I'd bore ya to death and they are blurry ????? But we had a great time and excited to see everyone in Aug.

If only they were this quiet all the time or even a 1/4 of the way to or from Spokane!!

Our Plato's Closet Conference in Vegas

Well, I can't get over the fact that we waited so long for it, it happened (in May) and that we have already been home for 2 months. It was my 1st time in Vegas, and although is was beyond fabulous to eat so wonderfully and just have a fun, quiet (none of our children arguing and talking non stop, etc) time with Justin, it was not my ideal place for a vacation. We saw alot of cool things and we saw alot of NOT so cool things!!! We felt like we were surrounded by the "great and spacious build/s". Our conference was good and we learned alot. The best part was seeing the other owners that we were in training with, who opened their stores around the same time as us, and talking about the similars and differences between them. We have a competition going between us and 4 other stores. The store that sells the most for the year of 2008 has to buy all the other stores a big, fancy dinner next May at our conference, which is going to be in Orlando Florida. We hope to take 2nd. That means we get out of buying a very expensive dinner but that our store still did really well.

In front of Ceasars Palace

Both us us having fun in a kid store.

The view from our very high hotel room. It was beautiful at night to see the srtip all lit up.

The last night at our conference, while most others were drunk, we drank our delicious virgin pina claudias (no clue how to spell it), but they were good!!!! (I'd have to say that both our faces look so much fatter in this picture than normal :)

This is us at 3:00 AM wating for the shuttle to take us to the airport. I'd say we look pretty good for getting 3 hrs. of sleep.

Cute, but oh so poopy, Chics

Through the month of May, Katelyn's kindergarten class watched baby chics and ducklings from eggs in the incubator, to hatching and then watching them grow the last few days of school. Any kindergarteners that could, got to take a chic or duck home and since only a couple of parents let their child take one home, and me being the nice mom that I am , hehehe funny huh, let Katelyn take two. Well, to say the least, they are so cute but boy do they poop like crazy!!! I was cleaning it up all the time so my kids wouldn't reach in their bin and get it all over themselves. But they grew so fast, we only got to keep them about a week and a half and 5 of those days, my wonderful friend Wendy and her son Ethan watched them for us, since we went to Spokane. They were fun while it lasted.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OK OK OK!!!!!!!

Yes, I have lots of things to blog about and that is why I haven't had time to blog cause I have been busy doing those things. I loved getting on my blog for the 1st time in a VERY long time and seeing so many friends have missed me and the fun bantering I received. It made me laugh!! I have to admit I have completely missed checking in on everyone and I hope to get back to it soon. Like, hopefully I'll have a little time to post a few things tonight or tomorrow. See you soon.