Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dec. Activities/Christmas Pictures

It has been another crazy month of December and knowing my record, I am actually impressed that this is posted only 5 days after Christmas. It has been a fun-filled month but also included stress, snow, and celebrating the birth of our Savior. For the last 3 or 4 months we'd been planning on going to Spokane for the 5 days before Christmas and then leave from there on Christmas Eve to go to Zillah, WA (where my parents live). Although it was a hard decision, we canceled our plans because of all the snow that had come to Spokane and all the cities we have to travel though to get there. It was a good choice because Spokane was basically closed down. Hospitals canceled all non-life threatening surgeries, half the roads were closed, and tons of businesses where closed. The got 3 feet of snow in 2 days and yesterday my mother-in-law called and told us that they broke a record for the record known to Spokane. 5 feet of snow in less than 2 weeks! Roofs on stores, garages and homes are collapsing and they are running out of room to pile the snow. And more snow is coming on and off all week. Did I mention we made a good choice not to go and after the last 2 winters Spokane has had, we moved away at the right time (even though we miss all our family and friends)!!

So here are a TON of pictures of some of our activities from the month.
This was at our ward Christmas Party: Katelyn was a cow (yes a cow-kinda mean if you ask me lol) but was cute, Logan was one of the shepherds, and the cute donkey was our little friend Paxton. I was sad there was not a visit from Santa this year but we still had a good time.

Our friends, the Bernards, came with us.
Tyson and friends Rilynn and Paxton

Logan with his bud Ethan

This was Katelyn at her school winter program. The kids all had parts from the 12 days of Christmas.
Our school has an award that is given by each teacher each month for a certain character trait. The teacher picks 1 boy and 1 girl from their class that they think shows that trait and then they get to go to the school on the last Friday of the month and have breakfast and get their award. Well it happened that Katelyn and Logan both got chosen for the month of Dec. The trait was compassion and kindness, so of course I was so proud of them but it would be wonderful to see it more from them here at home (lol). Oh famiilies were invited for breakfast so we were up and at school at 8:20am.

Then that afternoon we headed back to school for Katelyn's classroom party since parents and little siblings were invited. It was pajama day so all the kids were in their pjs. We had fun making little gingerbread houses with her class.

The results of our gingerbread house (a great buy from Costco that we put together for FHE)...

Christmas Eve

Since moving to Boise, the kids have taken a liking to the orange and blue pride of BSU, so we got them each a shirt.
Katelyn and Logan got Heeley's (the shoe's with the wheels). We got katelyn's for just $9.00 at the Mervyn's going out of business sale. Regularly $65.00. Just can't beat that!!!

We decorated/ate sugar cookies as part of the evening festivities and then left out a few cookies and some milk for Santa (we didn't forget about the reindeer, we left carrots for them).

This below is crown bread and it is a tradition in my family. My mom made this for Christmas morning(and still does-which we would of had with them if we had been able to go) for as long as I can remember. So the last 2 yrs. I have made it for us and I think it turned out great!! Oh this is what we found from Santa when we woke up (an empty plate and a cute letter).

Christmas Morning

Tyson got the "big choo choo" he'd been wanting for awhile now.

Logan and katelyn got clothes from build-a-bear, which they asked for and Katelyn got her easy bake oven. The picture of Tyson with the camera stand: it was so funny, he kept pretending to take pictures and would say "cheese". A little later, he sat on the floor and would say "hohoho" and tell us to come sit on his lap and then (as best as he can), would ask us what we wanted for Christmas. It was so cute.

Just some fun pictures through out the day.

I love these 2 pictures!!!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe and fun New Year's too!! Family, we hope the weather will be better when we attempt to visit in February cause we can't wait to see you all.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Diapers Are Done (at least they better be!)

For quite sometime now, Tyson has been going peepee on the potty but DEFINITELY not consistantly enough to be in underwear or close to being potty trained. He'd been going at least twice a day in the potty and in the last couple of weeks, he has started telling me "pee'd" EVERY TIME he pees and once in a while he would tell us he has to pee and makes it to the bathroom before he goes in his diaper. I kept hoping that this was a sign that he was getting closer to being ready to really potty train. But I haven't wanted to push him. I just want him to be ready and DO IT.. One of Tyson's little friends just turned 2 in Aug. and she is totally potty trained now. Katelyn was in underwear just barely after she turned 2 and Logan was by 2 1/2. Tyson was 2 1/2 in Oct. and I've been ready even if he hasn't been.
So here's the good news. Saturday afternoon Tyson told us he had to "pee!" and he has been telling us and has been dry ever since. He's in underwear!! (pullups when we leave, for now) and he even woke up dry the 1st night and has been dry after naps. I barely have to ask him if he needs to go. He just yells "pee pee!!" and runs for the bathroom. Can I just say that I am so excited and this better be it!! Now that we KNOW he can do it, there is NO going back! Way to go Tyson!!! Oh and that means no more diapers for the Barneys (at least for a couple years)!!!!!