Friday, November 6, 2009


Happy Fall

I had a little time to sit at the computer today since my kids are home (Parent/Teacher Conf.) and they are actually entertaining eachother pretty well. Anyways, I uploaded a bunch of pictures to my facebook photo album so if you want to see pictures, hop on facebook.
Life is crazy as normal. Dealing with colds, school and just about everything else.
We had a week in Oct. where all 3 of the kids had every symptom of the swine flu: a week of fevers, coughs, sore bodies and sore throats and throw-up!! But at least they've had it and are all better, with the exception of that crummy cough that forever lingers. Besides a month long headcold for me, Justin and I so far have been spared from anything horrible.

You'd think with Tyson in a preschool program that is 4 days a week- it's a special preschool program in our school district that Tyson qualifies for because he is "speech delayed", I'd have all this free time and get more done. But I spend a lot of time volunteering in all 3 kids classes, or volunteer for PTO activities, etc. But it definitely is nice to be able to run errands kid free, most of the time.

Some good news for our store... WE PAID OFF OUR BUSINESS LOAN last month so now the store is debt free!! We are eligible to get a home loan in the spring (we have to have 2 full years of taxes for our business) so we hope to buy/build a house next summer in the subdivision that we both love. But the store is doing great and we are still loving it!!

Hope you are all having a great fall and have a great Thanksgiving!! I know we can't wait to have my family come for Thanksgiving week and to go see New Moon with my sistas!!!