Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Even though I have a bazillion pictures to post, this one will be lame and not have any because I have 5 minutes to hurry and update since it has been way too long!!!

So in the fall we did pay off our store loan BUT we are moving to a bigger location in the same shopping center!!!!!!!!!!!! We have completely out-grown our current spot and we were offered an amazing deal on a huge spot (pretty much across the parking lot) and a yummy restaurant is replacing us (I can't say what it is but it is yummy and the 1st to Boise :). Anyways, we had hoped to buy a house this summer but with the relocation, that will be put off another year, which it is completely worth it to be able to get the new store up and going 1st.

Just to give you an idea of why we are so excited about this move: the current selling square footage of our store is 2000 sq. feet, witth 3 computers/ cash registers, 4 dressing rooms and the largest storage unit in our current storage place and it has over 350 decent size storage bins full of backstock clothes- that Justin spends countless hours rotating with the newest stuff and what a pain it has been!! He loads up bins, drives them to the storage unit and unloads them, then loads up the ones to go back to the store (to put out and sell), and drives back to unload them at the store!!! He does this day n and day out (well except Sunday :) and that is on top of the hundreds of other things he has to do.

So our new location (which will be as of the end of April to early May) is over 6500 sq. feet of selling floor (yes over 3 times as big) with 10 dressing rooms, 5 cash registers/computers and no need for a storage since we still have over 3000 sq. feet of storage room in our new spot!!! We are SOOOO excited if you cant tell!!! It has been and will be quite a lot of work but it will be so worth it!!! If you come to Boise, you'll have to stop by and see us (Platos Closet :). After the new location is ready, I will post pictures of our current store and then ones of the new store.

I know that was probably hard to understand and probably even boring but it really is an incredible thing for us!!! Next time I will post pictures and fill ya in on the rest of our crazy life :) Hope everyone is doing great and Happy Spring!!!


Randy said...

I'm so proud of of the both of you!!! I'm glad the move is moving along it's still been a long progress, but great in the long run. Love hearing about the two of you and those 3 lovely kids. Miss you.

Stace said...

What great news! You did need more dressing rooms!! :) Get some pictures up girl!

Arah said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. Glad business is doing good.
I want pictures!!!

The House's said...

How's the store coming Lori? I bet you guys are so busy right now!