Wednesday, October 27, 2010


One of our favorite fall traditions is going to Linder Farmers. Most years we go with our wonderful friends, the Bernards. Last year we had sick kids and ended up having to go seperately but thankfully this year, we all were in good health on the date we had scheduled to go so we had them over for soup and rolls before heading to the pumpkin patch. It had rained earlier in the day but I think with Tyson's mid-day prayer "please let it not rain so we can go to the pumpkin patch tonight" (his cute idea to pray!!), the rain stopped by late afternoon and had dried out enough that it was not a muddy mess. We had a great time!!
Corn kernel sand box-I found several kernels in the washer :)

The train ride- I thought Katelyn would think she was too big for this ride this year but she hopped in and looks to be having a good time.

He thought he was so cool!! But of course he had to ride the "boring normal way" when the ride began.

We always enjoy the petting zoo they have at Linder Farms, especially the kids, since they are so deprived by having NO pets in our family.

I personally love this picture!!

I loved this Walllaby. I put my hand out to feed him and he grabbed ahold of my hand with both of his, which it happens to have decent size claws, and just ate out of my hand until every piece was gone. It's no fast eater like the goats I'll have you know. My arm was so tired by the time he finished :) I decided awhile back, that if Wallaby's were regular pets, I'd have one in a heart beat. They are sooo cute!!

Logan and the fast eaters. He loves the little baby goats and has ever since a baby goat befriended him at the fair a few years ago. He still talks about the goat that loved him and was sad he had to leave :)

I snapped this cute picture of the Bernards while we were on the hayride heading back with our pumpkins.

Ethan, Logan and Tyson.

Another great year at Pumpkin Patch and hopefully many more!!
Wow, I can't get over that I just finished a post to my blog!!!! I'm sure most won't see this since I am a slacker and never post and most have given up on me but hopefully the fall photos were enjoyed by those that visited. More fun photos and news to follow soon :)


Levi and Jessica said...

LOVE all your pics!!!! Good job on posting more pics!!!

kim said...

Your family looks fabulous!!! Can't believe how big they've gotten!

Chris said...

Love your family's pics, you guys look fantastic.

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